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Updated: Sunday, February 01, 2004

Club Objectives are:

* Promote, encourage, advertise and develop the rabbit and cavy industry through education and circulation of information to both members and the community.

* Own and operate facilities and equipment neccessary to provide members and the community greater educational, recreational and financial opportunity through the growth and development of the rabbit & cavy industry.

* Assist members with their rabbitries and caviaries.

ECRCBA is one of the largest Rabbit & Cavy clubs in the Northeast US. We host at least two shows a year.

In 2002 we hosted the following three shows:

* ECRCBA Spring show was held of the first weekend May.

* ECRCBA Midnite Madness show was held on the first weekend in August starting at 6 p.m.

* ECRCBA Fair show was held on the first day of the Topsfield Fair.

Our group of rabbit and cavy breeders are located primarily in MA and NH. However, we do have members from RI, ME and NY. Some of the club benefits include a fun and delicious dinner banquet held each April, a large rabbit and cavy library, new breeder friends and informational presentations at some meetings on rabbit & cavy topics.

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